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Monster Mobile Heavy Duty Lifting Solution for Terra-Mix

03/31/17 | 2017

Terra-Mix have chosen for mobile column lifts instead of digging a pit. Our partner Auto Kastner, in Austria have delivered a set of mobile column lifts, the ST 1130, capable of lifting 13,000 kg per column. An ideal lifting solution for Terra-Mix. Mr. Martin Müller from Terra-Mix was looking for a quicker and safer maintenance process. The Engineers can now do the biggest part of the maintenance process standing up-right on their feet. The heavy duty milling machine requires a maintenance check every 120 hours.  

The fixed and wide pick-up forks have a length of 640 mm. This monster mobile lift also features the ebright Smart Control System for easy operation.

If you are interested,  you can read the article featured in the German magazine Werkstatt.

monster mobile column lift ST 1130