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WE SUPPORT YOU - Stertil-Koni is Committed to its Agricultural Customers

11/15/19 | 2019

We are here to support you!

HANNOVER- AGRITECHNICA 2019, 10-16 November  – Our Support and Commitment to the Agricultural Sector

It's busy again in Hannover at the Agritechnica, regardless of the discussions going on in the world with regard to the Agricultural industry,
Stertil-Koni are there for their customers and partners. If we can make your life that little bit easier whilst doing maintenance and repair to your agricultural vehicles and machinery then we are there for you and we have heavy duty lifts for all of your requirements.

The Agritechnica in Hannover has been going since 1995, with more that 450,000 visitors worldwide and Stertil-Koni have been exhibiting for at least the last 10 years.

With our special agricultural vehicle adapters where traditionally maintenance and repair was done lying on the ground, now maintenance and repair engineers can stand straight-up and on their feet. The EARTHLIFT and any other mobile column lifts in the Stertil-Koni mobile column lift range has evolved into THE lifiting solution for workshops where flexibiity and versatility or even just simply a lack of space, makes life that little bit easier and prevents, work-relate injuries or accidents.



EARTHLIFT Mobile Column Lift from with regenerative batteries - 55 cycles before re-charging and 2 columns are enough to lift a tractor.  

The SKYLIFT PLATFORM LIFT suitable for inside and outside. Available in various lenghts and models and aswell as a "Washbay" version, completely galvanised and weather-resistant.                             



 For more information please contact us today vehiclelifts@stertil.nl